Afternoon Discipleship Classes

Every Sunday until February 19, 2017

1:05pm – 2:00pm

Want more training to better know and follow Jesus? Want more training so you can help others follow Jesus? If so, grab a friend and join us Sundays at 1 pm for our afternoon classes! There are 2 classes that run for 5 weeks this winter (Jan 15 through Feb 19): Memorize, Meditate & Pray, and Old Testament Survey: The Latter Prophets.

Memorize, Meditate & Pray

Want to strengthen your prayer life? How about grow in using the Word to evangelize and comfort others? Want to get prepared to suffer well as a Christian? How about enrich your communion with God? Then this class is perfect for you! Whether you commit yourself to memorizing Romans 5 or simply to pray and be encouraged, come! We’ll learn ‘the how and why’ of memorization and meditation as we devout ourselves to prayer. The bulk of our time will be spent in prayer. Those not memorizing Scripture are most welcome to come, see and pray!

Old Testament Survey: The Latter Prophets

The Prophets make up the second part of Jesus' Bible. Within the Prophets, there are the former (first) and latter (second) Prophets. In this class, we’ll consider the structure and main theme(s) of the Latter Prophets: Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Isaiah and the Twelve (Hosea - Malachi). The Prophets were covenant enforcers, calling God's people to be faithful to the Old Covenant. Unfortunately, they weren't. The Latter Prophets "offer prophetic commentary that develops why Israel's story went the way it did." We'll learn about each book’s unique contribution to the narrative of Scripture. We’ll study what it meant to the original readers ("them-then"), how it points to Jesus and what that means for "us-now." Each lesson is designed to help you make the most of your readings each week, meeting with Christ through the prophetic word. We’ll read Jeremiah through Malachi in six weeks!

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