Sunday worship services are held at the Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre at 9am and 11am. Please register ahead if you'd like to attend in person.

The livestream is available at 9am through our Worship page, YouTube and Vimeo

If you are new to our church and would like to connect, please fill out our contact card.

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Small Groups - 2020-2021

What Are GFC Small Groups?

Small groups provide a valuable space for members to grow in mutual ministry—a place to practice our call to care for one another by walking intentionally with each other and living out the preached word. As we do this, we help each other become more like Christ.

UPDATE: With changing restrictions and an unchanging need for fellowship and mutual care, for the period of February - June 2021, members will continue to practise this mutual ministry in TouchPoints. These are gender-based groups of 3-5 members who will meet regularly to check-in with one another, discuss the sermon, pray, and encourage one another towards Christ-likenessPlease let us know when you have formed your TouchPoint by filling out the form.


Membership Application (Fillable)

Membership Application (PDF)