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Every Sunday morning, the video of the week's service will be available to view via this link, or sent to you via an email if you sign up to our newsletters. We encourage you all to join your brothers and sisters and tune in to the service at the usual time of 10am. Sing with us. Pray with us. Engage with the preached word with us. 

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Discipleship and Fellowship Opportunities


In this season of social distancing, we felt an even stronger urge to stay connected and continue our fellowship. Many brothers and sisters in our church are initiating fellowship, Bible/book studies and prayer groups through technology! We believe in-person fellowship is irreplaceable but for the love of our neighbour and society, this is the best alternative at this time.

Below are some of the groups that are going on right now. You are welcome to join whether you are a member of the church or a new visitor.

We will keep this page updated to reflect the most current groups! 


Prayer Group

A (virtual) daily prayer group for anyone who wants to pray with one another. All you need is your web browser, speakers, and a microphone. There is a WhatsApp group where notifications are being posted. If you want to join just click this link

When: Everyday at 11:30 AM and 9PM 

Contact: Keith (


Bible Study On Esther

A guided Bible study on Esther using the book God's Mysterious Ways

Details are to be determined. 

Contact: Ezra (


Book Study on The Common Rule

The book is on building a healthy rhythm of life and developing habits of purpose for an age of distraction. We will read 2 chapters a week and meet for 1 hr each week. You can get the book here.

When: Starting April 9th, 8PM, for 4 weeks

Contact: James ( 


Bible Study on 1, 2 Peter

An inductive Bible on 1 and 2 Peter. There will be pre-study homework! 

When: Once a week for 8 weeks. Starting date is TBD

Contact: Sarah (


Women's Book Study on "When people are big and God is small"

Here is a book study on the fear of man (i.e. being controlled more by what people think rather than what God thinks). You can find the book here

When: Starting Mid/End of May

Contact: Monica ( 



If any member has an idea and you want to promote it, please contact James (

If you want to keep what you are doing small and private, that's totally fine. Keep up the great work!