To access our weekly service video, please use this link. Join us online at 10am every Sunday as we continue to seek the Lord during this pandemic.

If you are new to our church and would like to connect, please fill out our contact card.

Discipleship and Fellowship Opportunities

In this season of social distancing, we feel an even stronger urge to stay connected and continue our fellowship. Many brothers and sisters in our church are initiating fellowship, Bible/book studies and prayer groups through technology! We believe in-person fellowship is irreplaceable but for the love of our neighbour and society, this is the best alternative at this time.

Below are some of the groups that are going on right now. You are welcome to join whether you are a member of the church or a new visitor.

We will keep this page updated to reflect the most current groups! 

Soaking in the Psalms

Join us in meditating on the book of Psalms! For the month of June (starting June 1st),  we will:

1 - Go through this reading plan for Psalms.

2 - Memorize Psalm 34 (22 verses). The format and schedule will be shared before we start.

3 - Engage in daily thoughts, meditations, and encouragements based on the 2 exercises above (part accountability, part mutual encouragement).

If you are interested in at least two of the above, use this link to join the WhatsApp group by May 31st.

Contact: Femi

Old Testament Study 1 (Genesis to Deuteronomy)

This training comes with a 5 week Bible reading plan that requires reading or listening to one book per week (e.g., Genesis, Exodus, etc.). Pastor Paul will get you ready to make the most of your reading by teaching you the unfolding nature of Scripture, the main themes of each book, digging into select passages and showing how they point to Christ (note: this includes an OPTIONAL extended Q & A afterwards for questions in both interpretation & application).

When: Starting June 7th, 7-8PM on Sundays, for 5 weeks (on ZOOM)

Contact: Paul McDonald

Prayer Group

A daily prayer group online for anyone who wants to join. All you need is your web browser, speakers, and a microphone. There is a WhatsApp group where notifications are being posted. If you want to join just click this link

When: Everyday at 11:30 AM and 9PM 

Contact: Keith 

World Prayer Wednesdays

In the above mentioned prayer group Wednesdays will be devoted to praying for the world. We will pray for a different country every week.

When: Wednesday at 11:30AM and 9PM

To join: Either join the Prayer Group above by clicking the link, or contact Sarah.

Contact: Sarah 

Knowing Christ: The 'I Am' Statements of Jesus

Starting May 1st, we will go through a study put together via Ligonier Connect on the 'I AM' statements of Jesus found in the gospel of John. This is an 8-week commitment (Fridays, 8-8:40pm). This study is open to everyone!

To sign up, use this link and you will be added to the course group. When we start, all communication will happen via Ligonier Connect, so if you're interested, be sure to sign up to the group!

Contact: Femi 

Bible Study on 1, 2 Peter

An inductive Bible on 1 and 2 Peter. There will be pre-study homework! This is currently a women's Bible study.

When: Mondays & Thursdays from 7-9pm (2 Peter begins end of May)

Contact: Sarah 

Women's Book Study on "When People are Big and God is Small"

Here is a book study on the fear of man (i.e. being controlled more by what people think rather than what God thinks). You can find the book here

When: Starting Mid/End of May

Contact: Monica 

Anxiety in the Midst of a Pandemic

This course will run over 4 weeks, and involves reading 'A Small Book for the Anxious Heart' by Ed Welch, and walking with others in mutual encouragement and accountability.

To have a look at the course outline, click here.

When: Early June, but  (click here to sign up)

Contact: Keith 



If any member has an idea and you want to promote it, please contact James (

If you want to keep what you are doing small and private, that's totally fine. Keep up the great work!