Sunday morning worship services are held at the Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre at 9am and 11am. The 9am service will be livestreamed through our Worship page, YouTube and Vimeo.

To sign up for in-person worship, go to Church Center.

If you are new to our church and would like to connect, please fill out our contact card.

Resources for Newcomers

New to our Church?

Welcome! We look forward to getting to know you more in the coming days and weeks.
In the meantime, here are some resources that we'd like to recommend. 

What is the Gospel?

The gospel in pictures:

The gospel in words:

Some sermons to introduce our church

Our most recent series on what a church should be:

Churchology: Who and What We Are

And a series on Elders that supplements Churchology:


A Series from January to March 2018:

Why Gather? What God Wants to Happen When You Go To Church

From the 'Beholding. Becoming. Blessing.' series 

From the 'Body Image' series in September 2013


Some ways for you to introduce yourself

  • Sign up for our e-mail list for weekly updates and prayer requests
  • Fill out our Contact Card - you can also request prayer here
  • Write your testimony to apply for membership
  • Ask when our next membership class is coming up! There will be an open house type event called "Discover GFC!" where you can meet our pastors and staff and get an overview of our church. Then if you're interested in pursuing membership, there is a second meeting called "GFC Essentials" where we go over doctrine, church structure, what membership entails, etc.

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