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October 27, 2019

James 5:16: Do You Have A Confession Deficiency?

Preacher: Julian Freeman Series: By This They Will Know Passage: James 5:16–5:16

February 4, 2017

03: God - The Source of Holiness

Preacher: Justin Galotti Series: YA Winter Retreat 2017 - Holiness Passage: James 4:8

May 31, 2014

Praying As Ordinary Christians

Preacher: Justin Galotti Series: Men's Retreat 2014 - True Religion Passage: James 5:13–5:18

May 26, 2013

How and Why should I grow in humility

Preacher: Julian Freeman Series: Humility Passage: James 4:13–4:17

February 23, 2013

Planning your Future

Preacher: Julian Freeman Series: Singles Retreat Passage: James 4:13–4:17

June 10, 2012

God Is Jealous

Preacher: Len Lipp Series: God Is... Topic: Afternoon Discipleship Classes Passage: James 4:5–4:5