We are back to meeting at Senator O'Connor College School on Sunday mornings (9:15AM & 11AM). In order to comply with capacity requirements, you will still need to register if you plan on joining us at either service.

For those unable to join us in person, we will be livestreaming our service, so please join us online at 11AM.

If you are new to our church and would like to connect, please fill out our contact card.

INTRO: Tough Questions, Real Answers

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INTRO: Tough Questions, Real Answers

If you are not a Christian, you may have some questions about Christianity: why do I need Jesus if I'm a good person? Aren't most religions basically the same, anyway? Isn't all truth relative? What about evil? What about suffering? What about science? Doesn't science disprove God? And what about the Bible, is it really reliable? These are good questions. Tough questions. But there are good answers. Real answers. Join us and see for yourself.