Beware, the Adulteress

June 21, 2015 Preacher: Paul Martin Series: Topical Sermons

Passage: Proverbs 6:20–7:27

Sermond Outline:

Talk Nine: Consider the Consequences of Adultery:

1. Be intimate with truth, in order to protect yourself from the adulteress (6:20-26)

2. Judgement always comes to the adulterer (27-35)
a) It is inevitable (27-29)
b) It is endless (30-35)

Talk Ten: Understand the Strategies of the Adulteress (7:1-27):

1. Protect your knowledge of the truth to guard against the adulteress (1-5)

2. She looks for the naive (6-9)

3. She is on the hunt for somebody (10-12)

4. She ambushes the unsuspecting (13-20)

5. She leads the fool to death (21-23)

6. You will only survive her attack if you know the truth (24-27)