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Psalm 63: The Convictions of a Satisfied Soul

July 14, 2019 Preacher: Paul McDonald Series: Sing! - The Songs God Gave His People

Passage: Psalm 63:1–63:11

Psalm 63: The Convictions of a Satisfied Soul

1. You are Needy (vv. 1-2)
a. Desperately
b. Exclusively

2. God will Satisfy You with His Loyal Love  (vv. 3-8)
a. God's love is loyal
b. God will Satisfy you with his loyal love.

6 Day Cling Challenge:
1. No phone before the Bible.
2. Read your Bible everyday.
3. Before reading, pray: “O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you”
4. Think about how God saved you everyday.
5. Meditate on God on your bed every night.
6. Write down one Proof that God loves you everyday.*

3. In the End, God will Make Things Right (vv. 9-11)
a. The King Opponents
b. The King
c. The King's people

4. How Does this Inform our Singing?
a. Need
b. God's Love
c. For Joy



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