Matthew 5:17-20: How Jesus Fulfills the Scriptures

February 16, 2020 Preacher: Julian Freeman Series: Kingdom Come: The Gospel of Matthew

Passage: Matthew 5:17–20

1.    What Does It Mean That Jesus Fulfills the Law & Prophets?

  • Does not mean that he merely kept it
  • Does not mean that law & prophets don’t matter to us
  • Does not mean that he simply reinforces it
  • Does mean ‘to live out, to teach, and to govern by the reality of what was being pointed to all along’

2.    What Difference Does It Make That We Understand This?

  • We Will Rightly Treasure the Scriptures
  • We Will Rightly Glorify Christ
  • We Will Rightly Esteem Obedience in the Kingdom
  • We Will Rightly Shun Performance as A Way to Enter the Kingdom