1 Peter 5.1-7 - Five Things Elders Do

July 26, 2020 Preacher: Julian Freeman Series: Churchology: Who And What We Are

Passage: 1 Peter 5:1–7

1. They Rule the Church as Ministers of the Word
2. They Manage the Household of God as Stewards
3. They Protect the Flock of God as Shepherds
4. They Lead with Humility as Overseers
5. They Set an Example as Elders

Note: This is Part Two of Pastor Julian's teaching on Elders. Part One is found on Vimeo, as three short videos. 

Adapting to COVID has been a challenge, and this series was especially challenging. Technical issues abounded, and we were locked out of our school building one Sunday! But the teaching is serious and valuable, so please make the effort to listen to this sermon (Part Two), and watch the video of Part One. Understanding the role of an elder is crucial to the health of a church.