Matthew 10:16-42 - Living for the Kingdom in the Face of Opposition

September 27, 2020 Preacher: Julian Freeman Series: Kingdom Come: The Gospel of Matthew

Passage: Matthew 10:16–10:42

1. When You Face Persecution, Follow in the Footsteps of Jesus (16-25)

Follow Jesus into opposition (24-25, 17-18)

Follow with innocence and conviction (16)

Follow with dependence on the Spirit (19-20)

Follow with endurance in mind (21-22)

Follow with a willingness to flee (23)


2. When You Face Fear, Fear the Right Thing (26-33)

Don’t fear ‘them’ (26a)

Don’t fear them because the gospel will win (26b-27)

Don’t fear them because they can’t kill your soul (28)

Don’t fear them because your Father cares for you (29-31)

Don’t fear them, but fear the rejection of God (32-33)


3. When You Face Great Loss, Focus on Rewards That You Can’t Lose (34-42)

Jesus will cost you (34)

Jesus will cost you dearly (35-39)

Jesus will reward you richly (40-42)

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