Becoming Like Him

Grace Fellowship Church is committed to continually beholding the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ so that we may become his image bearers, bringing his blessing to all of his creation.

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We were created to be something. We know that inherently and long for it instinctively, even if we are unsure what we are created to be. The Scriptures tell us that we were created to be God's image-bearers; we are supposed to be living mirrors of God himself. Through sin, however, our reflective capacity has been shattered; the futility we feel is the lack of our ability to become what we were made to be.

Still, however, we reflect instinctively. We act like our parents, we speak like our friends, we dress like the people around us; we are always becoming what we are beholding.

For a Christian, then, our beholding Christ is what instigates and empowers our becoming like Christ; our godliness is grounded in our God-gazing. We depend on the Spirit to open the eyes of our hearts to behold more of God with eyes of faith so that we continue to become the image bearers we were created to be. 

In beholding Jesus we are transfigured to become like him. Though this is a continual (and sometimes slow) progression in the life of a believer, it will be completed in an instant when we behold the one who is our hope; in that moment we will become pure as he is pure because we will see him as he is.

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