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March 4, 2018

We Gather to See Jesus: Supernatural Seeing Produces Supernatural Change

Preacher: Tim Kerr Series: Why Gather? Passage: 2 Corinthians 3:12–18, Exodus 19:11–13, Exodus 19:20–21, Exodus 34:29–35

June 25, 2016

A Godly Man Is Surrounded By Friends

Preacher: Tim Kerr Passage: Proverbs 27

June 24, 2016

A Godly Man Is United in Christ

Preacher: Tim Kerr Passage: Romans 6

June 5, 2011

Enjoy the Freedom of a Cleansed Conscience

Preacher: Tim Kerr Series: Standalone Sermons Passage: Hebrews 9:11–14